Sunday, August 30, 2009


Set pictures from Eclipse are starting to surface so I am starting the costumes from that film as well.

Eclipse Costumes Mostly Bella

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rude Comments

I am really upset. There has been recent rude comments on some posts, in particular the Bella's Brown Jacket. This blog is not for people to be mean to each other or to say rude things. I try to keep an eye out for these things but if anyone sees something I miss please e-mail me and I will remove it.

My blogs are for the costumes of Twilight. I try very hard to find all of us the exact items but I also put on items that are very similar when I cannot find the exact or as a cheaper alternative. If you do not like the items I post or the items that people are nice enough to help me find do not get on my site.

Any rude comments will be deleted!

Ads on the right column

I just thought I would put this so everyone knows. I make absolutely no money from this blog. The ads that are on the side are things that I have put up myself. They are all legitimate websites. BellaBejeweled has some Twilight jewelery in their etsy store and they sent me the image. The manatee one is close to my heart because I have been a member to help save the species for many years, and the other is a link to a Veronica Mars website, a show I love, to help bring a movie into production. If you have a Twilight relevant ad you would like me to put, or something for a really good cause I most likely will. Just e-mail me. (

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Entertainment Weekly Kristen Stewart with Taylor Launter


Bella in her room with Jacob

Thanks to Geena,22,_Lilla-P-Pima-Cotton-Henley-Shirt-Ribknit-%C2%BE-Sleeve-For-Women.html

Thanks to an Anonymous poster

Thanks to Louise
Aerie Rollover Ruffled Pants

Monday, August 10, 2009

Esme Voting for Bella's Future and On the Offical Website

I realize that these are two different dresses but they are both going on this post.

She is wearing a different dress than the trailer so putting this one on here too.

Thanks to anonymous posters:,%20Pumps:%20

Thanks to Esme's Island

BEAUTY: To give Esme a sultry smile, Hill-Patton traced Reaser's lips with MAC's Cremestick Liner in Rose and swiped on a coat of Bobbi Brown lipstick in Wine. Both colors have since been discontinued, but MAC Liner in Portside and Bobbi Brown's Hot Cocoa Lipstick will work too.

Made by norianesbijoux

Matching Necklace:
Made by norianesbijoux

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alice and her blue cropped trench coat

Thanks to kirby it is a blue jacket was from Zara
Picture thanks to coolspotters

Thanks to Geena

Thanks to an anonymous poster


If you can knit
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