Monday, August 24, 2009

Ads on the right column

I just thought I would put this so everyone knows. I make absolutely no money from this blog. The ads that are on the side are things that I have put up myself. They are all legitimate websites. BellaBejeweled has some Twilight jewelery in their etsy store and they sent me the image. The manatee one is close to my heart because I have been a member to help save the species for many years, and the other is a link to a Veronica Mars website, a show I love, to help bring a movie into production. If you have a Twilight relevant ad you would like me to put, or something for a really good cause I most likely will. Just e-mail me. (


  1. I've bought from BellaBejeweled! She's got some beautiful things!

  2. Thanks again for posting the BB link for us. It's been really helpful.

    Just really cool info about the BB ring:
    Bella wears her moonstone ring in New Moon as well, and the BB ring is the most popular Bella ring anywhere online, chosen by and as the ring to represent Bella's in New Moon. :)

  3. It's no problem at all, you have some really great stuff.