Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I couldn't resist

Anissa sent me a link to this top and I couldn't resist putting it up, so putting it up and going back into hiding, Thanks for all of the luck.


  1. Thanks for posting it! :) I'm really sad to part with the shirt, but it didn't fit me. I was one of those people that hoped to lose the weight....with the holidays that's a bit impossible..hah. I'm a huge fan of this site, so thanks so much for posting it, again. :)

  2. Go to check out place
    There is few shirts like Bellas,at least there has been =)


  3. Is that the actual shirt? It doesn't look right to me at all.

  4. I stated on the auction that it looked like it, not that it was the exact one. I thought it was pretty close, but since it's under her sweater I couldn't really tell. Either way, it looks like something she'd wear, right?

  5. On New Moon pictures, the shirt seems to be Blue and in the movie, purple. It's strange !
    But there is an other very very similiar to this shirt this is "American eagle Western Double Weave shirt" (Navy). I have it and I love it :) !! It is available on AE and Ebay !

  6. Oh, okay...I didn't look at the auction link, just this page and thought it was supposedly the same shirt.

    I think the plaid is kind of close, but it's definitely a more blue-purple that she wears in the movie. I agree with the above commenter about the AE shirt being a close's the closest one I've seen and it's still available at the AE stores.

  7. I actually found the exact shirt. It' an Eddie Bauer button up shirt. I got it this week (12/9/09) at Eddie Bauer on the clearance rack in store for $29.99.
    I looked on the Eddie Bauer website and it's called "Plaid Western Shirt". I think the color is "Spruce". I still have the tag from mine, if you want the style number or whatever just let me know.

    Pictures of my shirt:

  8. Bella's actual shirt is navy plaid. It is mostly dark navy. There are thin white lines horizontal and vertical in groups of 4 thin lines creating a windowpane effect. Then there is one slightly thicker red line crisscrossing through it which makes it appear purple at a distance. It has buttons not snaps. I've looked at every plaid shirt on the internet and the ae is the closest I've seen too.