Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curious Gypsy Top fight to get it Re-released

They have agreed to re-release the hoodie IF we get enough names together to show there is a demand for this shirt.

1) Email your name and e-mail address to to be added to the list that will be presented to the owners of the company. Please put Curious Gypsy in the subject line of your email

2) Join the Facebook group that has been set up for the re-release of the CGT and make your interest in the hoodie known. LOUDLY!! And get all your friends and family to join the page.
We even have one of the owners of the company on the page who has been interacting with the members of the group, so that shows how sincere they are in their promise to re-release the top.
The FB page can be found here:

3) Spread the word: flood as many Twilight and Bella fan sites, forums and blogs as you can with the information We need all the help we can get and yours is much appreciated!!


  1. love that shirt. love those scenes..good luck!

  2. Hi!
    I love your Twilight Saga costume blogs and check them from time to time. I have a question and I think you might be able to help me answer it...?
    There's a cafeteria scene in New Moon in which Angela Weber's wearing this adorable crocheted granny square vest; it's a really brief shot, I think it's part of a little montage. The thing is I fell in love with the vest but, I can't seem to find it or a pattern for it anywhere! Any insight you might have would be awesome :D
    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work with all your blogs!!!
    Patty G.
    ps- I tried the e-mail link on your profile but it didn't work for some reason, that's why I'm writing on here.

  3. Hi :)
    I wasn' able to send you an email too, that's why I post here :)
    After our success for re releasing the Curious Gypsy Thermal hoodie Bella Swan wears in Twilight (it will be available at the beginning of norvember), we try to make lucky brand re releasing the blue & grey henley she wears at the end of New Moon. This item has recently been sold on ebay for 170$ which is an insame amount of money for a shirt !
    So, we decided to create a Facebook fan page to gather as many people as possible !
    We will add lucky brand on FB and e mail them when we'll have a decent number of people in our group.
    It would be AMAZING if you could do a little post about it !!
    I hope you are enthusiastic about this project too =)
    Thanks a lot for your help !

  4. Hi, i just created a page to re release both J Crew cardigans that Bella wears in New moon & Eclipse, please join!!!!/pages/Re-release-of-J-Crews-professor-cropped-cardigans-worn-by-Bella-Swan/146859848692563?v=wall


    We are trying to get the Lucky Brand Henley re-released worn in New Moon...please help us out?

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