Monday, March 16, 2009

Bella Blue and Grey Stripe Henley Top



She is wearing something that has a brown leather band so I just picked this watch. Gloomy Eeyore seemed fitting for New Moon.

Thanks to an anonymous poster


  1. I don't believe nordstrom is selling that shirt in blue anymore. I think they discontinued making that top in blue.

  2. Macy's has it in yellow/gray & I think you can find it on Amazon. I saw the blue/gray one at Belk, and it's still there 30% off. I was "lucky" and got mine on Lucky Brand's website on final clearance! I actually found it by accident too! =D

  3. You can find this top on Ebay.

  4. hey guys, just wanted to pass along some info. This shirt is on clearance at Macys. They have the yellow gray version but they also have this version available. There's actually quite a few left because everybody thinks they were only available at Nordstroms. They're on clearance for seven bucks!! I bought one just yesterday and if anyone wants the item number so you can call Macys, let me know. If you go to any Macys they can print out a receipt and tell you every store that has this shirt!

  5. Hey eveyone!

    I just wanted to pass along some info on a look alike shirt that I recently bought. I just couldn't bring myself to pay 60+ dollars for the shirt on ebay (no matter how much I wanted it). So I searched for "blue grey stripe top" and perused the options.

    At first I almost thought this Old Navy shirt was the Lucky Brand thermal. However, while the stripes are exact, the top is cotton and not a henley, although it has a scoop neck.

    So, while it's not the same, I'm happy with my look alike and thought I would pass on the information.

  6. theres a top at hollister

  7. Brittany- Could I please have the item number?! I would love to try to call Macy's even though its been like months, you never know!

  8. Oh and I just found a really similar one made by Roxy. It just has thicker stripes and different buttons:

  9. Brittany- I'd like the item number too, if possible. Hopefully it's not too late!