Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bella's Bracelet

Jennifer made this amazing bracelet and it is already sold but keeping it on here because it is very well made. This is the closest one I have ever seen.
She is planning on making more. She sells them as she makes them which is one at a time and she ships to the UK.


Thanks to Steffi
Urban Hardware also makes a very good replica


  1. This site is so awesome! Thank you for finding all this suff <3

  2. Hey all, I just listed my BB Dakota coat on ebay. It's a size medium and the beige/tan color.


    I wanted my friends on here to have first dibs on it, cause it's hard to find!

  3. I bought my prayer bead bracelet from Jennifer yesterday :) She's lovely and set up a special listing just for me when I said I lived in the UK. Can't wait to get it.

    And speaking of bracelets, an official replica of Bella's turquoise cuff bracelet has been released by NECA.


    Given that it's official, I'm a bit dissapointed... it seems noticibly thinner than the "real" bracelet.

  4. Hey I have this jacket on ebay for half price!
    and I'm including a halloween card with edward and jacob on it!


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  6. IT is special when someone handmakes items instead of mass produces them to make a profit .To call someones hard crafty work "NOT SPECIAL" is rude & ignorant.I think she did a great job at making a "HANDMADE"replica not a "knock off".Please people keep rude comments to yourself & if you have a suggestion .Then please put accurate info not vague info and do not put anyones work down.

  7. I didn't say what SHE did was not special. I just simply said these bracelets "are nothing special" because I own a couple of them and yes i do like them. I didn't not mean this directly to your replica bracelet maker. And for you information the maker of the REAL bracelet is a great artist! Which is also not massed produced or overly expensive. If you want the real deal go to http://marcopolo.bigcartel.com/ This particular website is from the bigcartel.com which has many different stores for all sorts of things (clothes,jewelry,etc) made by independent ARTISTS. If I came off rude then I apologize but I just simply want to let you guys know that the indepedent artist that makes these also needs people support..so rather than buying from someone else buy direct. It's only for 10 bucks.

  8. My bracelet arrived from Jennifer this week and I love it! Here is a picture:


  9. I did post this in the Twilight area - There are several of these on etsy.com but Hot Topic is now selling this on their website for $10. I'm not sure if it's in the stores yet or not. Here's the link:


  10. yep, hot topic is selling them! I just bought one and it is gorgeous! Its really close to the origional!

  11. To the anonymous poster from 10/14/09 at 11:09 p.m.:

    In case you were referring to the replica bracelet that I make...it is NOT the St. Jude bracelet that I make. In fact, the St Jude bracelet that I am wearing in the picture with MY hand made braclet IS in fact from MarcoPolo.com.

    I make what is often referred to as the 'prayer' bracelet. All I know is that I was the FIRST person on Etsy to replicate the blue bead design. Needless to say, my design as been copied. I even had sold one to someone who is now copying my bead when her original one wasn't selling. Although this is a 'free' market...it still is upsetting that stuff like this happens.

    I want to thank you Louise! You and my many friends in Europe who have contacted me to send them a bracelet. It is wonderful to share and makes me very happy :)