Sunday, October 4, 2009

Edward in the Woods for the Mirror Dream

Thanks to Rachael
Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009 Menswear Coat #3


  1. Not exact but close.


  2. Anyone else think Edward looks silly in this coat?

  3. Sadly, I think he does too... bring back the short pea coat from Twilight!

  4. The top photo appears to be Bella's dream when she thinks she is looking at her grandmother in a mirror and it is turns out to be her (Bella) as an elderly woman standing next to Edward.

  5. I'm not keen on this coat but it's Burberry Prorsum 2009 Men's coat.

    Coolspotters has a link here:

    I guess since they've got a bit more money for the second film in the series they're staying a bit more true to the books and dressing the Cullens in a few more designer items. Alice looks great in this film. I love her trench coat look when she comes back to see Bella.