Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bella and Laurent

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Wrong color but it does have the hood, pockets, and large buttons


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  1. What is up with her hair????
    When she is with Edward it is curly and now that he is gone it is straight?
    Makes no sense. I agree that the makeup is better this time around but not the hair. Especially since she is wearing a wig. I thought the budget was bigger this time.

  2. She's not wearing a wig, it's hair buffers that make her hair look thicker. If you recall this scene in the book is when she has been running to find the meadow, saved the the wolves, and is under a lot of stress so....her hair might be a little messy. It still is curly, as you can see, but its like she's been running or something and it's gotten all out of place. I can't wait to see the scene! This site rocks!

  3. Her hair looks messy cause she's "sad".
    When you have a broken heart do you spent 1 hour in the front of a mirror trying to look good?
    Well, I don't.
    But when you're in love you always try to look beautiful for your lover.
    It's like in Twilight "as Bella fell in love, she starts to use more feminine clothes".

  4. I don't agree with the last post at all. Bella is a tomboy. She would not spend time curling her hair. I think it is just a new direction in terms of her look.

  5. I agree that Bella is a tomboy but I thinknthe appearance does reflect her despair at being without Edward. I mean, the girl is a "zombie" right? Would she spend time on your hair if you are in a depressive fog such that you can't even display emotions?

  6. Amen, Anonymous! You said it perfect.

  7. Okay. I guess you do have a point. I was thinking that Bella's hair is just naturally wavy from how it looked in Twilight. I mean, it was curly even before she knew Edward existed.

  8. Hm, I don't think that Bella would curl her hair every single day, but maybe she tooked care of it when she was ok.
    Now that she's sad she just brush and it's ready to go.

  9. the flannel in the meadow scene is a tna flannel.. i know bcuz i own it

  10. What is TNA flannel? Is TNA the name brand? I think it is very similar to the Delia's Kristen flannel that is listed on this blog further down for the Borders thank you video. Hard to tell though since her sweater is covering it.

  11. here's another option for the jacket i think the one shes wearing is a button up jacket

  12. it seems to me a hooded jacket

  13. It is definitely hooded. You can see it in the first picture under her hair.

  14. TNA is a brand originally from the west coast of Canada... they make hoodies, tee's, sweats and flannel shirts....

    but im positive it's from tna as i have the exact same one.

  15. Does TNS sells online?

  16. I want to see how your shirt looks like!

  17. they dont...if i have a chance i might be able to take a picture of it and put it up for u guys 2nite..


  18. I zoomed in on the photo of the full-length Bella and, after looking closely, I am sure her sweater is zip-up with a hood.

  19. ebay listing for orange Jansport backback very similar to Bella's, but no leather bottom up for grabs:

  20. Found a shirt that looks extremely close to the one you can see under Bella's sweater here. Although I agree the Robinson is a good match it is more purple than gray and white like in the picture. I think this one looks more like it:

    What do you think?

  21. I think I either found the plaid shirt or found one just like it. Try this BDG Flannel Buttondown :!-_-mtv_hills

  22. geez why does everyone care about what her hair looks like...seriously i mean dosnt everyone do their hair in some dosnt mean she spends a million years at the mirror...and like some of u said...when u have a broken heart and u are in a state of mind where u cant even function...u begain to not give how u look any thought...and everyone has their own opinion of what bella is supposed to be like...i dont really think shes a tomboy because did u see her in gym class... and shes deffinatly not a girly girl thats all jessica right there bella is just a normal girl and the whole point is she dosn't have to try hard because shes comfortable to a point even though she feels less beautiful then the cullens like when she took that photo with edward she is still ok with who she is....shes a normal girl who dosnt really fit in with a croud of people she keeps to herself most of the time and she wears normal everyday clothing. you dont have to agree with me but i know that alot of people are so angry with this movie because its not an exact replica of the book and u know what...its not going to be because we all have our own interpritations of how it should be and i think its great there makeing it into a series of movies...they have a reason why they make certain things diffrent and some of u are so blinded by the things that are diffrent that u dont even see what they got perfectly just be glad its made into a movie...geez...i love all the books and i will love all the movies ...maybe some of you should re read the book so u can get a better idea of things and also try not to critisize everything that u think is wrong and just enjoy it i mean u are twilight fans right I KNOW I AM!!!!

  23. WOW!
    Anonymous took the all the words from my mouth!
    I TOTALLY agree with you!
    You said everything that I wanted to say.
    Seriously, thank you! :)
    People love to critizise others just because they think everyone is wrong, except them.
    The person that make a adaptation ( book to movie ) know what he/she know what is important, cause everything needs a "conection", so if you make a movie exactly like the book somethings will not make sense...words can describe better than a image. I like to think that the movie is the same story, but told by another person.
    About Bella's hair and style, I totally agree with the comment above, she's being herself, like in the books, she's not a completely tomboy. She just not worried with her clothes and her hair like most of people do.
    I love the books, I like the movies, but I don't expect movies better than the books, cause I have MY BELLA, MY EDWARD, MY JACOB in my head, and actors and scripts will not change my mind.

  24. Hey Everyone,
    I really want the JanSport Right Pack backpack in Orange, as I am sure all of you do. Maybe we can get JanSport to reissue the backpack in Orange. I sent an email informing them that this was used in Twilight and New Moon, mentioned that a stained, used one sold on eBay for over $500, mentioned that BB Dakota reissued the Lake Blue jacket due to the demand and renamed it the Twilight Jacket and informed them that they would see an increase in profits if they reissued the Right Pack in orange. Maybe if enough Twilighter fans send them e-mails they will listen. I requested they forward my email to their Marketing Department. Your email is limited to 500 characters.
    Here is the link to the JanSport Contact Us section:

    It worked for the BB Dakota Jacket and Billabong Hannah Jacket. Spread the word and have your friends and family send e-mails to JanSport. How badly do you want this backpack? It doesn't cost anything to send an e-mail.

  25. Hello Everyone,
    Guess what, our e-mails worked! I checked my emails today and received one from Anne in JanSport's Marketing Department. The good newe is they are going to rerelease the Right Pack Classic backpack in Orange in October. I sent her a reply asking if it will be the exact style and color with the black zippers and suede bottom, when it will be available and whether or not they are going to market it as a Bella/Twilight or New Moon backpack. Here is the e-mail response I received:

    From: removed for privacy
    To: scarlettdee(rest of email removed for privacy)
    Sent: 8/31/2009 9:00:19 AM
    Subject: Right Pack in New Moon

    Hi Scarlet,
    Your email was forwarded to me. I wanted to let you know that the Right Pack backpack seen in t he movie will be available this holiday season, probably hitting stores mid October.

    Anne (last name removed for privacy)
    Marketing Manager

  26. Hey Deanna! I emailed Jansport and they emailed me back and said they knew they backpack was in New Moon, but they had no plans to re-release it. wtf? I didn't talk to anybody named Anne though soo...I dunno.

  27. Hi Brittany,
    I understand your doubt, but the e-mail I received is legitimate. I was skeptical at first too. I thought maybe someone was playing a joke on me, so I Googled Anne's name and address (business) and it popped up in several professional business databases. Her telephone message confirmed it is her as well. I sent a reply to her e-mail, but never received a response. I left her a phone message inquiring if there are any press releases regarding the backpack or if she could advise where we can purchase it on-line and when. I will post her response as soon as she returns my call or e-mail. You are welcome to continue sending e-mails to JanSport via the link above. Request they forward your e-mail to the Marketing Department and keep it polite and professional. That is what I did and Anne sent me the e-mail response. I want this backpack just as much as you and everyone else on this board.
    Deanna {:o)

  28. Here are two shots of the sweater from the New Moon Illustrated Companion. It looks like a green button-up cardigan with pouch and hood.

    It looks like Bella wears it for much of the movie.

  29. While it's definitely not the same, this Roxy grey hooded button up was the closest thing I could find this afternoon after seeing those New Moon Illustrated companion pictures:

  30. I'm thinking about getting one of the other colors but now I want to wait to see if Jansport releases any new colors in October. Let us know what that representative gets back to you! I had the orange backpack but it zipped all the way down to the bottom of the bag and would open up to 180 degrees, making everything fall out. If they re-release it, hopefully it will be like the news ones and only unzip halfway. I think I'd probably buy a different color because what makes Bella cool is that she has her own unique/original style. I can only imagine seeing 20 different orange backpacks walking around campus, it'd look stupid. The prices they're going for on Ebay are outrageous!

  31. I too sent an email to JanSport about the Ebay epic money grabbers on the Orange back pack....and I removed my name...the email... i hope they were having fun with me...I wish that Anne was still in 'power'...

    Thanks for your interest in JanSport. Unfortunately, the Right Pack
    in Copper which was used by Bella in the Twilight movies is from our Fall
    2007 season and is no longer available. At this time there are no plans to
    bring that color back into production. There is currently a color called
    Copper Brown, however it is more of a brown color than orange.

    Thank you,

    Consumer Relations

    This makes me want to throw away my white right pack from jansport and never purchase them again... ugh didn't they ever learn customer demand=profit...

  32. The copper brown color looks fine. I just ordered one today and plan on dying mine. I'll post before and after pics!

  33. so they aren't going to release it again?

  34. I just got mine in Copper Brown. It looks great! I'm really happy with it.

  35. Can anyone find a closer match to the jacket?
    THANK YOU!! :D

  36. Well, it's too bad. Looks like they're not going to re-release it. Why would that lady tell Deanna that, and then not do it.

  37. GREAT news everyone. The JanSport Right Pack Backpack in Copper Brown is now available for sale. This is the one used in New Moon with beige zipper pulls and hidden zippers. This is not the one used in Twilight with the black zippers and no zipper pulls (refer to the 1st and 5th pictures above). I know I wanted the Orange Right Pack used in Twilight too, but it is in New Moon. That is good enough for me! I received the following e-mail from Laurie (Marketing Communications Manager) with JanSport. I guess they keep calling me Scarlett due to my e-mail address.

    To: (removed for privacy)
    Sent: 11/5/2009 11:55:46 AM
    Subject: Fw: Right Pack in New Moon
    Hi Scarlett-
    The bag is actually up on our site now. It's on the homepage and the actual color is called Copper Brown.

    Here is the link to JanSport:

    Only has the backpack available at this time. It is Copper Brown. I am sure they will go fast.
    I didn't think I would ever receive a response to my numerous e-mails, but they worked! Now I just need those Vans Gisele Mary Jane sneakers, Simple Retire Slip-Ons and Curious Gypsy Henley. Everyone go to Melanie's thread regarding the Curious Gypsy Henley and Splendid Rugby Melange Henley. Maybe we can get those blouses reissued too.

  38. Go on the jansport site-they even advertise how the copper brown jansport right pack is used in the movie. Bella isnt using the orange one that is not being produced anymore. you can tell by the leather grips on the zippers.
    check out the website:
    right on the homepage you can see the copper brown bag featured-first on the left. compare it to the add of the bottom...same thing. its for sale!

  39. i think bella's button up shirt is a men's shirt because the buttons are on the right side, whereas a woman's shirt would have the buttons on the left. also, has bella's EXACT backpack. bagking has copper brown with black straps and ebags has brown straps like in new moon

  40. I agree with the pp. It is a guys shirt but it fits her very closely. A men's small would swallow KS. My best guess is a boys shirt. I haven't found anything even close to that plaid. It also appears that the top collar button is actually a snap. Might just be shadowing in that scene.

  41. Closest sweater I've seen just came out in the American Eagle Aerie line. Look under loungewear.

  42. Catjunkie is right!

    Here is the link: