Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bella in the woods when Edward leaves

Thanks to kirby it is a custom made jacket.

I could never find the exact one when it was in Twilight but I am putting the sort of similar ones from the Twilight blog onto here.

Thanks to an Anonymous poster and Holly
Hollister Cami Stretch Gray Shelf Bra Tank

Thanks to an anonymous poster

Possibly this BKE Lace Trim Tank Top|0&NUM=96

They are available to buy again


  1. Womens Retire - Shoes

  2. omg thank you, ive been trying to look for this everywhere! i want the jacket so bad, i cant find it either! :[

  3. The jacket is the following: Patagonia Rubicon Puff Insulated Ski Jacket

    This has been confirmed by numerous sources.

  4. The Patagonia ski jacket is the jacket that Bella has on when she goes to dinner with Edward. It is hip level, not long, and has a design in the hood. The jacket shown in this scene is a different jacket that she wears when they go on the Biology field trip. They are not the same. To confirm check out the Patagonia jacket here:

    As you can see in the photo where it is on Kristen, it is much shorter and not so loose on her. It is more fitted. Also they are made of different materials. The Patagonia is made of a more windbreaker type material since it is a ski jacket. The one shown above in the breakup scene and in the field trip scene is made of a fabric material sort of like hunting jackets from Carhartt.

  5. Maybe it's custom made, like Edward's jacket.

  6. Do you think you can look for this jacket that Bella is wearing in another New Moon poster?
    It is a brown toggle coat. I would paste a link to it but dumb thing won't let me.

  7. I think they should come up with there own fashion line, that way all the clothing items that were in twilight and new moon can be available to buy for us =)


  8. Its more of a duffel but I found this coat, Might be a better match.

    Keep up the good work


  9. The link to the shoes is no longer there I guess or they stopped selling that product. It leads to nothing.

  10. Regarding Bella's SimpleShoes, they make a different style called, "Satire" that's similar to hers. You can get it in the same material as the "Retire" was made in. Here's the link:

  11. possibly:

  12. her shoes can be bought at amazon.

  13. The suit Edward wears in this scene is the same one he wears when he goes to Italy. The jacket is gone though, and the shirt and trousers are tatty because he hasn't changed them in eight months.
    It was in the Movie Companion.

  14. Has anyone ordered the Cosplay long tan jacket? I wasn't super crazy about this jacket until I saw the movie and now I am considering buying the replica.

    It says it is made for daily use- is it warm? Also, the color looks so yellow but it says it is dark tan. It looks close but I was wondering how close.

  15. Hey Everyone,
    I haven't hand any luck finding anything else since the JanSport Originals Copper Brown backpack. I came across an article indicating where some of Bella's and Edward's fashions were purchased. This isn't the Patagonia jacket used in Twilight. In the article Tish Monaghan, (costumer for New Moon and Eclipse) states Kristen is wearing a custom made jacket that was replicated from the one she wore in “Twilight.” So, I guess that means the Cosplaysky jacket is a great option. I will probably buy one. I have their replica Rubbish hooded jacket and love it! I will post more costume tips underneath their applicable screen caps/pictures.

  16. Deanna,

    Just curious, when I went to order the Cosplaysky jacket it asks for height and weight instead of size options... Did it do this for the other Rubbish hooded jacket you ordered?

    Also, is this Cosplaysky legit? It looked a little sketchy to me...

  17. I bought one from Cosplaysky and i absolutely am in love with it.It fit me perfect and its good quality too,i debated for months on whether to buy one and finally did and happy i did.