Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bella's Cake

Figured I would put this up if anyone wanted to use it as a model for a party.

Creation of confectioner Thomas Haas, owner of Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates in Vancouver. Haas' wife Lisa walked through the how-to's of recreating the confection:
1. Cover each cake tier with a "mask" of white fondant [a thick, malleable icing]. Stack tiers from largest to smallest.
2. Separate one package of fondant into 5 batches. Use food coloring to tint each batch a different shade of green.
3. Roll each batch of fondant into a thin sheet and cut into strips of varying width.
4. Attach the strips around each tier using stiff royal icing as glue.
5. Place red, yellow and green Gerbera daisies around the bottom of each tier.

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